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Principal's Message

I Rev. Fr. Remy Cardozo humbly thank the School authority for giving me a warm welcome. I expressed my gratitude by narrating two stories, the first is about faith in the almighty in dire circumstances would work wonders. The Shopkeepers of electronics believed in- God that after the great misfortune he was able to run his shop as usual as he got cooperation from all the friends & people of his vicinity. Be one with the problem.

In the other story, the person who had eaten the biggest watermelon proves that one should have trust in oneself and never fear of the problems coming in one’s life. Once William Dougles said that fear is to fear itself. This fear has to be overcome by facing the situations bodly no matter whatever are the consequences . He concluded his speech by thanking all staff members & students for their warm wishes.

Looking forward for your cooperation and support to take the school to the greater height.

Fr. Remy Cardozo

  • of St. Xavier's Sr. Sec. School, Sirsa, Haryana
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